MRF launches online platform for rice warehouse registration, bolstering market stability

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Rice bags displayed at the shopping mall.

The Myanmar Rice Federation has reported that nearly 300 warehouses have registered on the MyRO (Myanmar Rice Online) platform, which aids in calculating the remaining rice supply in the country.
The federation stated that the platform would contribute to stabilizing local rice prices by providing information on the status of rice reserves. Additionally, it is anticipated to address issues of price speculation.
Merchants are required to register on the MyRO if they store up to 50 tonnes of rice or 5,000 baskets of paddy for commercial purposes, following the official announcement made on 4 November 2023.
On 3 January, the Consumer Affairs Department also issued notifications to merchants, instructing them to register their warehouses if they sell rice at shopping centres. Furthermore, the federation announced the requirement to register on 12 January. — TWA/NT

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