Myanma Railways unveils picturesque Taunggyi-Pawmu railway journey

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Travellers seen seizing the chance to enjoy breathtaking views of Taunggyi on the Taunggyi-Pawmu-Taunggyi train.

Myanma Railways, under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, operates a weekly Taunggyi-Pawmu-Taunggyi railway service, allowing travellers to experience the stunning views of Taunggyi. The journey commences at 9 am each Sunday.
The trip takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes to cover a distance of 11.41 miles. The train stops at Htethain Station, allowing passengers to appreciate the scenic surroundings of the Bawathanthaya Roundabout. The train pauses for 30 minutes at Htethain Station, providing time for the turnaround back to Taunggyi. Departing from Pawmu station at 11:15 am, the train reaches Taunggyi at noon.
The train, equipped with a 2,000-horsepower locomotive, comprises one upper-class carriage, four ordinary-class carriages, and one guard coach. Tickets for the Taunggyi-Pawmu journey are priced at K10,000 for the upper class and K5,000 for the ordinary class.
This Taunggyi-Pawmu trip offers travellers an opportunity to relish the breathtaking views of Taunggyi, contributing to a refreshing and clear state of mind. It is noteworthy that tour companies, travel agencies, private schools, and other service businesses can rent an entire train, with arrangements available for such requests. — MNA/TRKM

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