Myanmar-China border trade allows Yuan, Dollar payments

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Truckloads passing through the Chinshwehaw Trade Post at Myanmar-China border.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Commerce, the types of goods were released for payments of Yuan and dollars in Myanmar-China border trade measures.
The statement stated that pulses, corns, sesame and peanuts can be paid in Yuan in addition to the dollar currency, and other agricultural produce and fishery products such as crab and eel are allowed in Yuan currency.
While trading at the Muse 105th-mile trade zone, if the exporter asks a Certificate of Origin-Form E issued between China and ASEAN countries for customs relief, the verification is being allowed in accordance with the regulations.
A total of 98 applications for Form E were issued from 1 to 3 January 2023, and 29 applications of Form E were approved on 3 January alone. Export and import licence applications can be submitted online by the Tradenet 2.0 system, as well as in person at trade posts.
It was reported that 541 truckloads of export and 114 truckloads of import were able to be traded between 1 and 3 January 2023. According to the Ministry of Commerce, the most exported products are crab, sesame, watermelon, rice, broken rice, eel and sugarcane, and most imported goods are vehicles and heavy machinery, telephone and communication devices, apple, orange, kitchen utensils, motorcycle spare parts, plastic raw materials, electric light bulbs, lamps and other consumer goods. — TWA/CT

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