Myanmar earns US$278M from exports in Dec last week

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Export cargoes are loaded onto the container ship at Hteedan Port in Yangon.

According to statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce, exports generated over US$278 million from 23 to 29 December. The exported items included various agricultural produce such as rice, corn, rubber, black gram, green gram, pigeon peas, rice beans, red beans, blue beans, peanuts, chilli, ginger, tamarind, turmeric, and onions, reaching destinations like China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Yemen, India, Bangladesh, and Viet Nam.
India, a major Myanmar buyer of beans and pulses, has extended the independent import grant for black grams and pigeon peas to March 2025, leading to increased demand this year. In the Indian market, one tonne of black gram is priced at 86,000/88,000 Rupees, and pigeon peas range from 90,500 to 93,000 Rupees. In the domestic market, pigeon peas are priced at K 3.3 millions per tonne, and black gram with fair average quality is priced at K 3 million per tonne this season.
Export potential depends on the domestic requirements and price ranges of buyer countries.
Therefore, stakeholders, including farmers, manufacturers, exporters, associations, and departmental personnel, are collaborating to expand external markets.
In the public sector, 4,139 kilogrammes of jade sold to China and 3,918 kilogrammes sold to Australia from Myanmar’s Gems Emporium were transported to the destined countries via air route within the week.
The private sector also exported lead, zinc, copper, and minerals worth $8 million to China, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, and Viet Nam.
The Ministry of Commerce urges relevant stakeholders, farmers, and departmental personnel to enhance the productivity of agricultural and livestock products, qualified raw materials, natural mining products, and increased investments. — MNA/TMT

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