Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo: Japanese companies to recruit more than 400 Myanmar workers

Japanese companies will employ over 400 Myanmar workers, the Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, released a notification on 30 June 2023.
The notification said the Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo had verified 293 demand letters between 16 and 30 June.
The Myanmar Embassy to Japan is verifying, with a labour inspection company, whether the companies and factories recruiting Myanmar workers are legally established or not. The remarks and findings on those verifications will be returned to the Ministry of Labour.
Over 350 demand letters for over 1,000 Myanmar workers on 15 June and over 550 demand letters for 1,800 Myanmar workers in May were sent to the related institutions, Myanmar Embassy to Japan released the notifications.
Recruitment agencies need to raise awareness about labour laws, rules, regulations and labour rights. The majority of the Myanmar workers are employed in agriculture, construction, food industries and caregiving service. However, there were cases of fleeing jobs.
Workers need to comply with the laws and rules. Some violate the rules and some flee from the jobs. Such cases might destroy the trust of other workers and add some strict rules. Some even cannot hire Myanmar workers, according to a recruitment agency offering jobs in Japan. — TWA/EM


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