Myanmar imports 266-tonne condensed milk via sea trade last 19-25 June

Myanmar imported US$352,000 worth of 266 tonnes of condensed milk from Malaysia and Singapore through maritime trade in a week between 19 and 25 June, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
Compared with the previous week, the condensed milk import showed a decrease of 52 tonnes. About 318 tonnes of condensed milk was brought into the country during that week.
Furthermore, $25,000 valued 25 tonnes of milk powder were imported from Germany in a week ended 25 June. The import of milk powder also dropped from 126 tonnes recorded in the previous week.
Additionally, Myanmar’s Trade Department under the Ministry of Commerce notified that various beverages, coffee mix and tea mix, instant coffee, and condensed milk and evaporated milk have been temporarily restricted for import via the Myanmar-Thailand border starting from 1 May. However, they can be imported through maritime trade, Myawady Trade Zone reported. — KK/GNLM

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