Myanmar Motion Picture Organization members, families get COVID-19 vaccines

The Ministry of Information, Ministry of Health, Yangon Region Government and Myanmar Motion Picture Organization jointly conducted vaccination programmes for the organization members and their families at No (3) B.E.P. S in Bahan Township of Yangon Region yesterday.
“We, artistes can do our works properly if we get vaccinated. Many of our members and their families came here for vaccines. About 50 artistes are already vaccinated recently. There are 10 stratas in our organization. The organization contacts us to get the vaccine and so we compile the list and send to the health department. Some of our members received their vaccines in their respective wards,” said U Aye Kyu Lay, vice-chair of the organization.

“Most of the people get vaccinated. It is more convenient for them in the work field if they are vaccinated. Therefore, our members should get vaccinated,” he added.
A total of 272 people were vaccinated against COVID-19 yesterday. The organization will also compile the lists and make arrangements to give vaccines to the organization members and their families.

“There were about 50 people who received their vaccines in the first batch. We came here to get vaccinated. I heard there were 272 people. Ma Tuu is afraid of the needle. The Patron of our organization also told us that it would not hurt. Therefore, Ma Tuu came here together with my friends in the film industry to build self-confidence and to be safe as well as to build self-confidence. I also want to urge my friends to get vaccinated,” said supporting actress Ma Tuu.
Those who received the vaccine yesterday will get a second dose on 3 November. — MNA

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