Myanmar nationals in Canada can pay income tax as of 15 January, Myanmar Embassy announces

Embassy of Myanmar in ottawa
Embassy of Myanmar in Ottawa

Myanmar Embassy in Canada announced that Myanmar nationals working legally in Canada can pay income tax for periods they want to pay on their monthly salary as of 15 January 2024.

Of Myanmar expats working in Canada, those who are working legally by holding Myanmar passport type- PJ (Passport-Job) and PB (Passport-Business) can pay income tax together for periods what they want to pay when they apply for Myanmar passport extension at the embassy, as of 15 January 2024, said the embassy.

Those who have completed the passport extension can also pay for periods as they wish, it added.

According to the Union of Myanmar’s Amendment Law of the Union Tax Law 2023, Myanmar citizens working in foreign countries must pay tax on their earnings in foreign currency at a lower amount calculated by two methods from 1 October 2023, announced by the Ministry of Planning and Finance.

For more information, they can contact Myanmar Embassy’s email [email protected] or office phone 613 2329990 or mobile phone 613 799 6720.



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