Myanmar seafarers’ families await contact after abduction by pirates

2023 sskm
MV Ruen.

MSF said families of those involved in the Bulgarian-owned MV Ruen, which had Myanmar crew members abducted by pirates, have yet to be contacted.
The ship belonging to the Navibulgar shipping company, with 18 Myanmar and Bulgarian crew members, was supposed to dock in Turkiye but was hijacked by pirates after communication was lost on the way.
“So far, the families of the victims themselves have not been notified. As far as I know, Myanmar people are among the victims of sea piracy. However, there are no reports yet. The family hasn’t come yet, so I can’t say what’s going on,” said MSF officials.
The Indian Navy’s warship INS Kochi intercepted and dispatched a helicopter on 16 December, and thus, all the sailors had been held hostage by pirates. Negotiations were born, the Indian Navy reported.
The ship entered Somali waters on 17 December, and an injured crew member on board the vessel was able to reach an agreement with the pirates and receive medical treatment, but the other crew members were still held hostage.
“The families often do not know who is involved in the kidnapping. There must be some anxiety. Mainly, when this happens, the pirates adjust the amount of money with the owner,” commented an officer-level veteran sailor. — Thit Taw/KZL

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