Myanmar soon to meet initial export target of 30,000 tonnes of rice to Bangladesh through Pathein Port

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Bags of rice being loaded on vessel at Pathein Port for exportation to Bangladesh. Photo: Kanu

Myanmar will achieve its export target of 30,000 tonnes of rice under an initial plan from Pathein Port to Bangladesh.
All the private and public stakeholders involved in a supply chain including the Ayeyawady Region Government, the ministry concerned and exporters are exerting the concerted efforts to facilitate rice exports in a set period and meet quality standard and export target directly from the region. Myanmar has conveyed rice directly through Pathein Port in Ayeyawady Region to Bangladesh since 2 November. A total of 2,650 tonnes of rice were loaded onto the 8th vessel on 18 December and it is scheduled to leave for Bangladesh on 19 December.
According to the government to government pact between Myanmar and Bangladesh, Bangladesh is to purchase 200,000 tonnes of rice. Myanmar sends rice to Bangladesh through Yangon Port and Thilawa terminals. Additionally, the country made a milestone to ship the goods via the Ayeyarwaddy International Industrial Port and sent 18,475 tonnes of rice with seven ships so far. When 2,650 tonnes of rice is exported by MCL-7 ship, the overall export volume is 21,125 tonnes so far. As a result, the region’s export target set as 30,000 tonnes will soon be accomplished.
“The remaining 197 tonnes of rice were being loaded onto the 8th ship on 18 December. The ship is slated to depart on 19 December depending on some circumstances. The ships will carry 2,650 tonnes of rice. So, the export volume totalled 21,125 tonnes. The country is soon to meet its target. If the contract is going well, further exports will be undertaken via the Pathein Port. The direct shipment from Pathein saves cost so it brings about the benefits to the State and the traders. This route especially helps reduce the fuel cost and create economic opportunities for exporters and job opportunities for local residents,” said an official of the Ayeyawady Region Consumers Affair Department.
Myanmar’s agriculture sector is driven by export-led growth. It contributes to the GDP and socio-economic development of the rural communities. The State is maintaining growth momentum in agriculture and livestock sectors and the Ayeyawady region government is fulfilling the needs to facilitate the smooth and swift flow of exports. —Nyein Thu (MNA)/EMM

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