Myanmar-Thailand hybrid freshwater prawns gain local market traction, sales surge

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Monosex freshwater prawns of Myanmar-Thai hybrid species.

All-male mono-sex freshwater prawns of Myanmar-Thai hybrid species are attracting attention in the local market with good sales, according to the traders.
These prawns are genetically modified freshwater prawns that have been bred to include a percentage of males.
“What we farm is a cross between Myanmar and Thai prawns. They are modified to have a higher percentage of males. Male prawns are bigger and have a higher growth rate than females. As they are good, they produce all-male mono-sex shrimps by using their technology. Our nationals buy and farm these mono-sex prawns. They are also being farmed in Thailand. People are interested. Because of its high yield, it sells well in the local market,” said U Salai, an official from Columbus Land and Agricultural Co, which trades in freshwater mono-sex (male-only) juvenile and mature prawns.
It has become a preferred prawn among local consumers. While the wholesale price per viss of Myanmar freshwater prawn is K50,000, that of freshwater mono-sex prawn is just K26,000 to K30,000.
It takes eight months to farm all-male mono-sex freshwater prawns of Myanmar-Thai hybrid species, which can grow up to about five ticals per prawn. — Thit Taw/ZN/ED

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