Myanmar, Thailand discuss northern border trade and tourism development

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Consul-General U Min Kyaw Linn of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Chiang Mai is seen discussing with officials from Thailand.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Myanmar consul-general met the governor and mayor of Chiang Mai to discuss Myanmar-Thailand bilateral relations, focusing on border trade and tourism development between the nine northern provinces of Thailand and Shan State (East) of Myanmar.
U Min Kyaw Linn, Myanmar Consul-General in Chiang Mai, visited Chiang Mai City Mayor Mr Assanee Buranupakorn at the mayor’s office on 14 May. In the afternoon, he met Chiang Mai Governor Mr Nirat Pongsitthaworn at the provincial governor’s office for discussions.
During the meeting, the Myanmar consul-general highlighted the long-standing bilateral relations between Myanmar and the northern regions of Thailand, including Chiang Mai, emphasizing their shared cultural and traditional similarities that have resulted from centuries of good relations.
In addition, the Myanmar consul-general explained to the governor and mayor of Chiang Mai the developments in Myanmar’s political landscape and the key activities that the Myanmar consulate-general is undertaking for Myanmar nationals.
The Myanmar consul-general also discussed measures to collaborate with the Chiang Mai Provincial Governor’s Office and the Chiang Mai Mayor’s Office in providing care for Myanmar nationals and workers in Chiang Mai. — ASH/TH

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