Myanmar to prioritize Viet Nam for sugar export

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Sugar bags are seen being uploaded onto the vessel for exports.

Myanmar will prioritize Viet Nam for sugar export as a purchase order for 10,000 tonnes of sugar has already been received from Viet Nam, according to the Myanmar Sugar and Sugarcane Related Association.
Myanmar has planned to export sugar to Bangladesh, Indonesia and other foreign countries. Yet, sugar exports to VietNam will be arranged first upon its purchase order.
Myanmar ships exports to foreign trade partners beyond self-sufficiency. Myanmar’s sugarcane crushing operations are in full swing from November to December. The sugarcane production is estimated at 400,000 tonnes per year.
New sugar will start flowing into the domestic market in December. This year, The sugar mills raised the price of sugarcane to K150,000 per tonne for the 2023-2024 sugarcane season from the earlier set rate of K110,000 per tonne. — TWA/KK

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