Myanmar to send seasonal agricultural workers to South Korea under G2G MOU

Myanmar plans to send seasonal workers to work in the agriculture industry of the Republic of Korea under government-to-government (G2G) memorandum of understanding (MOU), according to the Ministry of Labour.

As it has been approved in principle by the State Administration Council to create job opportunities for young people in Myanmar, these workers will have work on a system of 8months work and 4 months rest.

“In terms of wages, their salary is higher than that of other countries in the region, and it will help improve people’s living standards and livelihoods. That is why, seasonal workers will be sent to the Republic of Korea. Through various overseas employment agencies, different governments of provinces, districts and cities in Korea have asked our ministry that they arewilling to recruit after signing the MOU with Myanmar,” said an official from the ministry.

Arrangements will be made to first sign the MOU between the Korean local government and the Myanmar regional government with the approval of the Korean Ministry of Justice and then it will be followed by signing the MOU between the Korean governors and the Myanmar Ministry of Labour from State/Region governments and Nay Pyi Taw council. The ministry will delegate the signing authority to the relevant chief labour officers in regions and states.

After the approval of the Korean Ministry of Justice and the signing of the MOU between local governments, we will proceed with the recruitment, selection and sending of workers. They will have to work for eight months and rest for four months,” the official continued.

In order to avoid tarnishing the image of Myanmar due to running away, illegal stay and repatriation, the relevant labour agencies have been instructed to carefully monitor the process of sending season workers.

It is good to have this opportunity to send seasonal workers. Our citizens will be paid much more. They work for eight months and rest for four months. It can create job opportunities and agencies will get certain service fees. Agencies will have to work systematically,” said an official from the Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation.

Htet Oo Maung/ZN

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