Parahita group assists Myanmar worker injured in Malaysian accident

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A Myanmar citizen, who had started working just three days after arriving in Malaysia, broke his arm in a workplace accident and was helped by the Lovely Heart Parahita Blood Donor Group (Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia) as his employer didn’t show up, the group said on 6 February.
He suffered a broken arm and minor injuries to his head and leg after falling from a height of 10 feet while standing in front of a forklift truck carrying a load at the factory in Kampong Jawa, Klang.
“The victim hasn’t been in Malaysia long. He’s only been working for three days. He had a broken hand and minor injuries at his head and leg,” the group said.
The employer is a Chinese, not a Malaysian. He hasn’t even come to the factory, let alone offered assistance.
“As he had no documents, he asked for our help. We went to his residence to take him to the clinic. Then, with the referral letter, he was admitted to Specialist Sentosa,” stated the blood donor group.
After three days in hospital and a successful operation under the care of his brothers, he was reportedly discharged. — MT/ZN/ED

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