Myanmar workers return from China due to factory closures

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The re-acceptance committee in Muse is accepting and welcoming back Myanmar returnees.

Myanmar migrant workers are returning from China as they have trouble with their living conditions due to factory and shop closures caused by the pandemic in Ruili and Kyalgaung.
More than 5,300 Myanmar migrant workers have returned from China via the Nandaw border checkpoint in the last 27 days after they faced employment difficulties during the lockdown period in Ruili.
The Myanmar migrant workers returned to their country as they faced difficulty staying in China while the factories and shops from Ruili and Kyalgaung were halted after the pandemic resurgence.
The authorities from both countries coordinated the return of Myanmar workers. Myanmar started accepting its workers back on 16 July. So far, the authorities have re-accepted a total of 7,526 Myanmar workers from 26 July to 26 August.
The re-acceptance committee in Muse is accepting and welcoming back Myanmar returnees.
Some of Myanmar-China border checkpoints have still halted amid a recent surge in case of COVID-19 infection, said an official from the Muse Rice Wholesale Centre.
Two remaining border checkpoints in Muse — Kyinsankyawt and Pangsai (Wamting), which is one of the main border trading posts for Myanmar-China border trade, were closed starting from 8 July at 1:30 pm.
The Muse border, which is the mainstay of Myanmar-China border trade, is connected with Nandawphyu, Hsinphyu, Man Wein, Kyinsankyawt-Wamting and Pangsai-Wamting checkpoints.
Out of those land borders, Nandaw and Hsinphyu crossings are closed starting from 1 April while the Man Wein checkpoint was halted on 30 March due to the outbreak of COVID-19. — Aye Maung/GNLM

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