Myanmar’s commercially-valued Vannamei shrimp to penetrate China’s market

Myanmar has been shipping its commercially valued white shrimp Vannamei which has been successfully produced in fishing ponds in Myeik Archipelago, Taninthayi Region for five years, to Japan. Now, the country is making concerted efforts to expand its market to China.
Myanmar, belonging to rich fishery resources, has been sustainably using its resources in harmony with the sea and maintaining the balance between the ecosystem and fishing activities. The State is fulfilling the need to step up exports in the fishery sector.
The white shrimp Vannamei farming is highly consumed and farmed in China and Thailand. Good seawater quality improved shrimp production. The production in the Vannamei shrimp farming pond in Thailand is estimated at 25 tonnes per acre, whereas Myanmar can produce 40 tonnes per acre on account of the clean marine environment. Myanmar’s officials and Chinese counterparts are exerting efforts to have Myanmar’s shrimp direct shipments to China. At the end of last year, Chinese Commercial Attaché and its delegation observed Vannamei shrimp farming ponds in Myeik Archipelago. They cooperated to export Myanmar’s shrimps directly to China and connected with fish farmers through the Fisheries Department to meet the criteria and standards for fish farms.
“Vannamei shrimp farming can be found in Myeik Archipelago and Thahtay Island (Thahtay Kyun). Myanmar has been working together on Vannamei shrimp farming with Russia to export them. They are also joining hands with China as well.  Myanmar’s shrimp production rate sees growth due to good water quality compared to Thailand’s. That being so, there is a great prospect to grasp a strong foreign market share. The country indicated readiness to ramp up production on demand. At present, four businessmen are running 300 hectares of shrimp farms and two more are also preparing to rear the Vannamei shrimp. Once its legitimate export channel is open, exports will be accelerated. At present, Chinese buyers purchase shrimp that are frozen and cooked. Whether it is live shrimp or frozen ones, we could earn a good market price on a legal path.

The more fishery products are added to the export list, the more fish farmers earn. It could help raise the government’s revenue. As a result of this, they are ready to execute this farming business”, U Thet Soe, secretary of Kawthoung District Fisheries Federation, said.
The price of Vannamei shrimp is estimated at US$6,000-8,000 per tonne. After Myanmar reaches a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with foreign buyer countries, the farmers will receive a better price.
The Vannamei shrimp farming costs K600 million per hectare. The shrimp species and feedstuffs are imported from Thailand. If Myanmar can successfully run shrimp hatcheries, it can reduce the outflows of funds. It will generate revenue for the Fisheries Department.  Vannamei shrimp is harvested every three months. It is a lucrative business so the Fisheries Department and research centre and Kawthoung Fisheries Federation are cooperating to achieve shrimp breeding and larvae production.
That breed was imported from Hawaii of the US and Myanmar adopted it. Aquaculture of white shrimp Vannamei yielded fruitful results. Thus, Myanmar with a favourable marine environment has a great prospect for successful shrimp production from self-hatcheries. This might be a positive change for fishery product exports, farmers pointed out. Myanmar has been conveying frozen white shrimp Vannamei harvested from Myeik Archipelago to Japan by sea with container ships in the cold chain through Yangon Port. Efforts are underway for white shrimp to penetrate the Chinese market. — Nyein Thu(MNA)/EMM

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