Myanmar’s locally-grown coffee demand rises in both local and foreign markets

coffee berries
File photo by MOI shows workers collecting coffee berries from the coffee plants.

Myanmar’s locally-grown coffee demand has risen in both domestic and foreign markets, according to coffee growers.
“Both supply and demand of coffee has increased in local and overseas market. The crop market has been good. Rather than refined coffee, coffee cherries which are peeled, has been good now in the raw market. And dried and peeled berry are stocked for the next whole year. Now the price has been good and the sale has been good too,” said an official from KK Maymyo natural brewed coffee.
In Myanmar, Arabica coffee is mainly grown. Myanmar coffee has gained popularity in both local and foreign markets since 2019, according to coffee growers and producers.
“In export market, demand from Vietnam has been good. According to the researches made from 2019, demand from foreign countries has increased visibly. Coffee plantations have received state-level supports. Our Myanmar coffee has also gained popularity in the international market. Our coffee quality is also high. With increasing popularity, the coffee sector has quite improved. There are also new plantations,” said a coffee plantation owner.
There are varieties of coffee in Myanmar produced from Ywangan and Myeik, and Arabica coffee is mainly grown.
Price of Arabica coffee is K28,000 a kilogram and Arabica coffee is highly popular in the international market. — Thit Taw/ZS/ED

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