Myanmar’s mineral exports generate over US$230 mln in 10 months

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A mining project area in Myanmar. Photo: Xinhua

Myanmar earned over US$233.197 million from exporting mineral products during the ten months from April 2023 to 2 February 2024, as reported by the Ministry of Commerce.
In the previous year, mineral product exports had generated $289.257 million during a similar timeframe. Consequently, the current figure represents a decline of $56 million compared to the previous year. Within this financial year, approximately $200 million was generated from the private sector, while the State-owned industry contributed around $32 million.
According to the Department of Trade under the Ministry of Commerce, most of the $233.197 million earned in the ten months of this financial year resulted from the export of minerals and ores, followed closely by the export of jade. The exported minerals include jade, diamond, gold, pearl, lead, tin, tungsten, copper, silver, coal, and zinc. — TWA/ TMT

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