Myanmar’s systematic preservation of mangroves: Home to the third-largest mangrove area

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MoNREC) has reported that Myanmar, which boasts the third-largest mangrove area globally, has been systematically preserving its mangroves nationwide.
Globally, there are 123 countries with mangroves, and Myanmar ranks third with the most extensive mangrove areas worldwide. The majority of Myanmar’s mangroves are found in Rakhine State, Taninthayi Region, and Ayeyawady Region.
In February, MoNREC designated a 2,275-acre mangrove area in Kyaikto Township, Mon State, as the “Kyaikpi Shwethaungkwin protected public mangrove forest” to safeguard natural mangroves, establish new mangrove areas, and protect the mangrove ecosystem.
There are approximately 70 different species of mangrove trees globally, with Myanmar hosting 34 species, predominantly found in the Ayeyawady Delta area, covering 13,500 square miles.
Southern Myanmar, particularly the Myeik coastal area and Taninthayi Delta areas in Taninthayi Region, are home to many of the oldest mangroves. Mangroves serve as crucial barriers protecting urban areas from storms, floods, and severe weather. However, the indiscriminate use of mangroves by locals has led to their depletion.
In fact, 43 per cent of the total income of local households in mangrove areas comes from selling mangrove products such as charcoal, fish, crab, and prawns. Therefore, authorities are actively monitoring the use of mangrove products to conserve these vital ecosystems. — ASH/ TMT

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