Myawady-Maesot Friendship Bridge I slated to be reopened on 12 Jan

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The Myawady-Maesot Friendship Bridge is seen yet to open.

Myawady-Maesot Friendship Bridge I is scheduled to be reopened on 12 January 2023, traders from the border area said.
According to Thailand’s media outlet, a ceremony to reopen the bridge will be convened by Myanmar officials and Thailand counterparts at 9:30 am on 12 January 2023.
In recent days, officials concerned held a meeting regarding the resumption of bridge activity in Tak Province. After a series of negotiations, Thailand’s authority notified the people of the reopening of the bridge.
The Immigration Office in Myawady has been issuing border pass document services from 9 January 2023 to go to Maesot.
For a border pass document, Myawady residents can apply for it by presenting a citizenship scrutiny card, household registration and three pictures of the licence photo size.
That bridge is the major border trading route between Myanmar and Thailand. COVID-19 cases shut down the border crossing on 23 March 2020. The border trade activity is therefore being carried out at Bridge II. Yet the travellers are not allowed to pass the bridge.
Additionally, sending Myanmar migrant workers to Thailand under an MoU system has been implemented via Bridge II, causing some difficulties for the returnees.
To have smooth transport, attempts were made previously to reopen the Bridge I. However, it has been closed down for nearly three years amid coronavirus infections in both countries. It will be reopened soon.
After reopening the bridge, it will bring about job opportunities for locals and freight forwarders.—NN/EMM

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