Myeik Archipelago eyes booming tourism amid ready for new year

During the New Year period, Myanmar travellers are making pilgrimage tours, study tours and trips for recreation like the world travellers and so hotels and motels at Myeik Archipelago are preparing for accommodating local/foreign visitors for the 2022-new year open season.
The hotels and tourism entrepreneurs are preparing to provide competitive services to local/foreign travellers to visit islands in the Myeik District of the Taninthayi Region that boasts of the natural beauty of the ocean and islands. Moreover, the local COVID-19 infection rate is dropping and the Myeik Archipelago is welcoming visitors while the tourism industry is in a certain momentum.
There are over 800 islands in Taninthayi Region over 200 of which are in Myeik Archipelago. The most famous islands such as King Island or Marcus Island, Smart Island or Parpant Island, Thameehla Island, Done Waterfall, Done Nyaung Hmine (CBT), Taung Pan Gyi Island and Bailey Island are full of the natural scenery of Myeik Archipelago and the foreign tourists are fond of visiting it.
“We have made arrangements for new year’s vacation. We also arrange special prices for those who want to make tours in groups, families, companies, employers and employees. We offer some special services like beach bonfires, canoeing and mangrove conservation for growing trees in groups. They can go fishing and visit the Salon village to observe their language, tradition and culture, beliefs and lifes styles. Couples can make exotic pre-wedding shoots and anniversary and romantic trips to the islands.

Then, there are special packages for the youths to make Adventure Tour and Survival Trips on the Virgin Island.
The hotels of Myeik Archipelago prepare with the best services for peaceful and pleasure trips and are welcoming the local/foreign travellers,” said U Kyaw Moe, CEO of Blue Ocean Star Resort & Travel Co Ltd.
The people can observe the coral reef and fish species as well as sea butterflies and hornbills of the Myeik Archipelago and research whales and dolphins. Moreover, they can watch the living styles of sea turtles and seals and get services to learn about the Mali bird nest and the nature of the grey-rumped swiftlets.
Myeik Archipelago tourism was established in 2014 and it developed in 2019 starting 2015. It accommodated great numbers of visitors during long holidays and there were between 200 and 300 travellers a day. The tourism industry was suspended temporarily due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and visitors started visiting there starting the full moon day of Thadingyut. Taninthayi Region is a place where the beauty of the islands of the country is concentrated and the local/foreign visitors also recognize the attraction of its beach resorts. The tour to the islands of Myeik District resumed in October 2022 and the community-based tourism, hoteliers, tourist guides, boat drivers and locals are reaping good jobs and business opportunities.
The speed boats and vessels are operating at the islands systematically as per the directives of the departments concerned without affecting the safety of travellers and the natural environment. The islands of Myeik Archipelago with the most beautiful sights and nature of Myanmar’s ocean are attracting local/foreign travellers with the best leisure services. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/KTZH

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