Myeik’s dried shrimp gain local popularity

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Myeik-produced dried shrimps are on display at the market.

The sale of dried shrimp produced from Myeik in the Taninthayi Region has been good in the market, and it has gained many consumers, according to dried shrimp sellers.
Myeik-produced dried shrimp taste good, and its quality can satisfy consumers, which is why it has gained popularity in the market.
“Supply and demand has been fine in this period. We sell Myeik-produced items only. We have regular customers because the products we sell are good. Myeik-produced dried shrimp are categorized as large, medium and small,” said a salesperson from Myeik Cho Mwe dried shrimp.
The majority of dried shrimp, which are commonly available in the market, are produced in Rakhine State and Ayeyawady Region, and dried shrimp are regularly sold even during the monsoon season when fish and meat production is usually abundant. The price varies depending on quality.
“Dried shrimp trading is not bad. There are regular customers. There are different prices. At present, we mainly sell varieties of dried shrimp whose prices are moderate. The market price can’t be said because it is not stable yet. But we can say that sales have been good,” said Ma Nyo Nyo Thant, a dried shrimp retail and wholesale trader from Yangon Region. — Thit Taw/ZS/ED

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