Necessary preparations must be made for using electric locomotives: Senior General

Locomotive Factory (Insein) primarily operates functions of assembling locomotives and maintenance, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing yesterday morning at a meeting with employees from Locomotive Factory (Insein) of Myanma Railways in Insein Township.
Political peace and stability and economic development as primary requirements for the development of the nation
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said the development of a country depends on a political driving force, an economic driving force and military capability. Whatever political system is implemented, if the country is politically united, it will develop. Only when the economic driving force is strong will the country be wealthy. Countries with strong economic driving forces are powerful. Likewise, countries with military capability are powerhouses. Every country has the right to exercise its sovereignty. Myanmar has sound foundations for the enhancement of the State economy.
Peace talks are being held with ethnic armed organizations for restoring internal peace. Within the framework of the constitution, Tatmadaw will fulfil their requirements through the talks. Some issues will be approved at the Hluttaw through casting votes.
Rail transport plays a key role in State’s economic driving force
Among road transport, waterway transport and aviation service, rail transport is the cheapest in the transport of commodities. Hence, the government is striving to improve the rail transport system.
Locomotive Factory (Insein) primarily operates functions of assembling locomotives and maintenance. In this regard, it manufactures diesel-electric locomotives. Only when locomotives are in a good condition will the Myanma railways section improve. Myanmar has many opportunities to run electric trains. But, plans to generate electricity from natural resources cannot be put into action due to various reasons. It is necessary to consider objections to beneficial projects of the State based on political contention and instigation. Hence, necessary preparations must be made for using electric locomotives. To do so, the country must have the necessary finance and a good economy.
The locomotive factory needs to apply its valuable experiences in manufacturing locomotives at home and improve its technologies. Those from the factory are to exchange their experiences at workplaces.
The Senior General stressed the need to dutifully serve their assignments while trying hard to improve their lives. The Senior General then asked the employees of the factory about their needs.
The Senior General presented foodstuffs for staff to Managing Director Thura U Aung Myo Myint of Myanma Railways.
The Senior General and party viewed the assembly of locomotives, maintenance and production of spare parts of locomotives at the factory.
They also viewed the test-running of the coal-fired locomotive transformed from the steamed one. The Senior General then had lunch together with employees of the factory. — MNA

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