Need to start growing trees at present


The recent severe impacts of El Niño have provided a stark wake-up call for people around the world, including those in Myanmar. These events have highlighted the critical role of tree planting in mitigating and preventing severe climatic conditions such as extreme heat, untimely rain, strong winds, earthquakes, flooding, inundation, river and creek overflow, landslides, and various types of fires.
Deforestation is a growing problem globally, and Myanmar is no exception. While some forest areas naturally degrade due to various reasons, most are converted into barren plains due to timber extraction, expansion of public residences, land reclamation for farming, industrial expansion, and other factors.
Consequently, forest areas are shrinking year after year, contributing to droughts and water shortages worldwide. Deforestation also leads to the release of CFC gases, which further deplete the ozone layer, exacerbating environmental issues and creating dual fronts of crisis, both in the sky and on the ground.
It is crucial for everyone to assess how many trees they have planted and to understand the vital role trees play in saving the planet. People need to consider how to restore natural forest areas in their respective countries and how tree planting can help absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, benefiting all living beings.
It is evident that most people worldwide now understand the impacts of El Niño and the importance of tree planting for saving lives and the environment. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone to recognize the need to plant suitable trees in their countries to improve their environments and prevent global catastrophes.
Myanmar citizens, in particular, must understand the critical role of trees and find the best ways to plant suitable trees in their environment as part of conservation efforts. The time to start planting trees is now, and it is not too late. Every tree planted today will contribute to better weather conditions tomorrow for everyone. By taking action now, the world can avoid future weather-related problems and create a better future for all.
A saying spreading in the forestry professional realm shows that the best time to plant a tree was thirty years ago. The second best time is today. The same is true for conservation. As such, everybody needs to make collaborative efforts to the preservation of the environment by growing trees so as to save their lives properly. So, everybody should not waste precious time, and they should turn to grow trees for all.

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