New White Elephant lives healthy, happy with his mother mammal

The new White Elephant is pictured playing happily in the water.

A 33-year-old female elephant called Zar Nan Hla kept by the Myanma Timber Enterprise in Taungup Township of Rakhine State has given birth to one white male elephant at 6:30 am on 23 July 2022. The baby elephant is two feet and five inches in height, three feet and one inch in girth, two feet in back length and has one foot and six inches long tail with a birth weight of about 180 pounds.
The newly born white elephant has pearl-coloured eyes, a plantain branch-shaped back, white hair, a distinctive tail, auspicious plot signs on the skin, reddish-brown or pinkish skin, five claws on the front legs and big ears. Therefore, these features conform with seven out of eight characteristics.
Now, the baby white elephant is two and half months old, two feet and eight inches in height, three feet and ten inches in girth and weighs about 225 pounds. He stays healthy and happy with his mother elephant. It is reported that the baby white elephant has been tame by humans since childhood and is being trained by the Human-Friendly Training system to be much tamer. —MNA

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