New Year donations boost pork, chicken sales

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Many people made donations on Myanmar New Year’s Day, resulting in pork and chicken sales climbing up, according to the meat and fish retail market.
Most Myanmar people traditionally make donations on New Year’s Day. The sale of meat and fish has climbed, especially pork and chicken, which are the most served for Myanmar food donations and have been sold better.
“Today is Myanmar New Year’s Day, so two pigs are sold out now. The sale of pork and chicken is better this morning. Retail price per viss is just K15,000 at our shop while some have raised price these days,” said the owner of Atee meat and fish shop in Hlinethaya township.
Similarly, chicken sales have been good too, and the price has increased slightly, with many orders.
“Price gets high in Thingyan. The retail price is now K12,000, which is up from K10,000 a viss. It has been three days, and the price has been increasing. Both chicken and pork sales are good because today is Myanmar New Year’s Day,” he added.
On every New Year’s Day, people make New Year donations and Satuditha (food donations to all comers) in wards and villages, by either groups or families. — Thit Taw/ZS

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