Nine companies to implement contract farming for 33,793 acres of summer paddy in Taikkyi Township

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A paddy plantation thriving in Taikkyi Township.

A total of 33,793 acres of summer paddy will be cultivated through the contract farming system by nine companies in Taikkyi Township, Yangon Region in 2023, according to the Department of Agriculture.
More than 5,000 farmers from 38 villages in Taikkyi Township and nine companies will develop the contract farming system to grow 33,793 acres of summer paddy. According to the contract farming system, about quality seeds, medicines and fertilizers worth K200,000 will be provided for each acre, and the crop will be purchased at the market price at the harvest time.
Farmer group, input company group and rice trading companies are to sign the contract for implementing the contract farming system. Practically, officials from the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Cooperative will sign the contracts as witnesses.
In the last monsoon rice season in Taikkyi Township, three companies were able to plant more than 4,000 acres through contract farming system. —TWA/KZW

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