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By Kyaw Myint Tun (Paris)

For ease of reference, let’s continue to refer to these hypocrites, who descend from their Ivory Towers in Geneva and New York, dictating and demanding third-world countries as self-absorbed people (SAP).
One of their own, who is a “has been”, went to some Karen areas in the Myanmar-Thai border and promptly declared, “The UN has failed the people of Myanmar”. Such words of wisdom! So true! Only from such wise people can a conclusion like this be made! Retirement can bring boredom!
The fact is:
The UN has also failed the people of Haiti! SAPs have been in Haiti for decades. Haiti is hell on earth under their watch. They will be “barbecued” in Haiti!
The UN has also failed the people of Sudan! SAPs have been in the Sudan for decades.
The UN has also failed the people of South Sudan! Wasn’t that their “baby” when it was created?
The UN has also failed the people of Somalia!
The UN has failed the people of Libya!
The UN has also failed the people of Gaza! Where are those SAPS who loosely say “textbook this and textbook that”? Where are they?
Shall we go on? The list is long!
When their “Uncles” are involved, they can’t do anything. All they can do is shout from afar, or in many cases, just tuck their tails and stay quiet. They can’t enter. They can’t demand to enter. They are not given visas. They are care-declared PNG! When it comes to their “Uncles”, they take it all on their chin. But when they deal with third-world countries, they are very condescending.
They lecture about bullying as immoral to others, but these SAPs are the biggest bullies to third-world countries: the world’s best kiss-up and kick-down people.
These people enjoy the perks that come with employment. They stay in that failed system for 20 to 30 years. They don’t complain. But once they leave the system or enter retirement, they start to turn against the same institution that has fed them for so long. These are people with no principles or morale. They form groups, claiming themselves “righteous”, and continue to focus on the shortcomings of the third-world countries. In doing so, they keep their names on the radar for future employment. Their “consultancy” thrives. There is no shortage of so-called Think Tanks and Crisis Groups that would enlist their services.
Recently, a certain Envoy was appointed. Only the SAPS would appoint someone from the wrong country. However, a round trip from Sydney to Geneva and New York is about 10,000 miles long. Nice for air miles! While on a customary regional tour, there will be demands to meet with leaders in these countries. In other countries, they would be met, at best, at the Deputy Assistant Secretary level. Whether to be able to visit the Capitals of the countries that really matter for the issues of Myanmar is a whole different matter. The reality is not a chance!
Let’s remember that there is Beijing and Moscow. Best of luck! Only those SAPs can be so blind! But why would there be any surprise? They have been so intoxicated by their arrogance for so long.
History gives clear evidence when these SAPs get involved in conflicts, and civil wars never end. What conflict have they solved in recent memory? A record number of people will be forcibly displaced or stateless by the end of 2024. They must be doing a great job that the world is becoming a safer place.
They will come to Myanmar with preconceived demands and conclusions. Before anything, instead of thinking about solving the problems of Myanmar, they will promote their favourite liberal causes with good-sounding themes.
Keep them away from Myanmar. In doing so, Myanmar’s problems will be solved sooner. Don’t let the people of Myanmar suffer endlessly in the hands of the SAPs like in many other countries.


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