Notice to civil service personnel not to drown in CDM

Medical expert U Zaw Wai Soe, who has been self-appointed as the minister for three ministries, issued an illegal statement on social media, illegally intimidating good civil service personnel not included in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) on 4 March, 2021.

The statement said to the employees who have not yet participated in the CDM, to contact not later than midnight on 7 March to join the CDM and if not, they will be fired starting from 8 March.

Since the launch of CDM in February, various illegal organizations, including medical expert Zaw Wai Soe, have been persuading the civil servants by saying the salary will be provided to those who participate in the CDM; they will be hired when they are fired and if they are evicted from government housing, they will be provided one, through social media.

Initially, about 30 per cent of civil servants were involved in the CDM; however, since the third week of February, some of the staff in the CDM have become aware of their wrongdoing; disillusionment with CDM leaders’ inconsistencies; and they were able to resume their original duties on time after reading the reminders to return to the office by the State Administration Council on TV and newspapers.

On 26 February, the payday of civil servants, those who continued to participate in the CDM asked about their salaries promised at the time of the original persuasion by contacting the relevant phone numbers and illegal organizations.

Employees involved in the CDM due to the persuasive incentives of various organizations including U Zaw Wai Soe, although some employees were paid as mentioned, some of the fundraising organizations for CDM staff and illegal organizations are also abusing support for CDM sent by various donors.

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The minimum wage for each civil servant is 140,000 and the rest of the employees are paid according to their rank. The minimum allowance in the table above is about 30,000 per CDM staff.

Compared to the daily wage set by the State at the rate of 4,800 kyats per day, it was found that the living conditions of the families of those who participated in the CDM were very unfortunate.

The CDM staff has to fill out various forms, and documents relating to their identity are being collected so that they can prevent them from going to work.

Therefore, it is essential for civil servants not to be intimidated by the illegal intimidation and coercion to join the CDM by an illegally self-appointed person.

In case of harassment or intimidation, we would like to remind you to inform the relevant office and the security guards in the respective offices and to the designated telephone numbers to complain.

Information Team
State Administration Council


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