Notification of legal actions against CDM instigators

Notification of legal actions against CDM instigators

26 February 2021

The civil service personnel have received salaries and other benefits from the State budgets after they have been appointed at any State department. Therefore, they need to perform their duties and must follow the rules and disciplines without fail. They must carry out the tasks of successive governments despite any instigation and external pressures.

Due to disturbances, hindrances, incitements, pressures, threats, actions against rights, freedom and rights of individuals made by the aggressive persons to destroy the administrative mechanism, some civil service personnel have been absent from their duties. Most of them are found to follow the incitements and the threats, although they have no willing to do so.

Similarly, those who do not expect peace and stability are threatening the administrative officials appointed for region/state levels and ward and village levels by the State Administration Council for peace, stability and the rule of law, with aggressive actions to threat lives, conducting violent protests, removing signboards of administrative offices and disturbing not to enter the office. Such unlawful actions were conducted to confront the administrative mechanism.

These unlawful actions are meant to commit the crimes in accordance with the provisions in the Penal Code.
– Up to 2 years imprisonment for any threat to duties of civil service personnel under Article 189 of the Penal Code
– Up to 7 years imprisonment for hindrance or disturbance not to perform their duties under Article 124 (d) of the Penal Code
– Up to 2 years imprisonment for damaging the motivation, discipline, health, conduct upon the duties of civil service personnel under Article 505 (a) of the Penal Code

The State Administration Council has issued Article 144 from 1 to 26 February 2021 after it took responsibilities for the country and has patiently watched, requested and warned many times. And that, effective actions will be taken against breaching the above-mentioned laws unavoidably in considering the interest of people and prevention of damages to socio-economy of the public.

Information Team
State Administration Council

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