NSCI rediscovers rare Myanmar grasshopper species after 85 years

Researchers rediscovered a rare Myanmar endemic grasshopper species for the first time since 1937, according to the Native Species Conservation and Identification (NSCI).
The species Burmorthacris subaptera Kevan had been absent from scientific records for 85 years. Initially classified as critically endangered, it resurfaced when a team of researchers from Myanmar rediscovered it. Their findings were published in Magnolia Press on 8 February.
This grasshopper species is found in Myanmar’s hot and arid central regions. It features yellow dots on its neck and a green ring around its back, distinguishing it from other grasshopper species.
NSCI researcher Ma Zon Wutt Hmone, who played a key role in the grasshopper discovery, commented, “The species was initially identified by foreign researchers in 1937 during their visit, but no subsequent records were made. In 2022, a Yenangyoung Township resident and a NyaungU visitor rediscovered and documented the species. Following this, we collaborated with a Thai researcher to document these new findings further.”
The other two members of their team are Ma Mala Kyaw and Ma Cho Thandar.
NSCI is a team of local and foreign researchers working to conserve biodiversity, share knowledge, and debunk popular myths concerning flora and fauna through in-depth articles. — ASH/NT/KNN


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