Nurture student youths to become responsible citizens


B asic education marks the beginning of a child’s learning journey. It is not only the responsibility of parents and teachers at this level but also that of departmental officials and local authorities to create a conducive learning environment for schoolchildren.
The Ministry of Education is primarily responsible for managing basic and higher education institutions. These institutions aim to provide schoolchildren and student youths with the education they need to broaden their scope of knowledge. The initiatives undertaken are aimed at nurturing students to develop five essential strengths of capacity, enabling them to thrive in society and fulfil their national duties effectively.
Therefore, it is essential to carefully nurture these youths carefully, instilling in them a love for their nation and teaching them to value themselves and their education. Understanding the value of their education enables them to comprehend society and its history better.
On 12 May 2023, the government enacted the Myanmar Private Education Law. This law outlines the procedures for registering private education institutions and managing academic measures for both teachers and students. It aims to produce qualified student youths, particularly at the basic education level.
Importantly, the law mandates that all private and international schools in the country have to manage teaching Myanmar, history, and geography as compulsory subjects to the students. Furthermore, it aims to instil a sense of student youths to flourish in patriotism and preserve Myanmar’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, all private schools are required to incorporate daily practices such as singing the national anthem and saluting the State flag to foster the national spirit.
Nurturing a sense of national pride and love for the Union among all student youths is crucial. The school years play a vital role in shaping the future of the students. Only by nurturing student youths from a young age can they grow into responsible citizens who understand the importance of the role of independence and sovereignty of the nation.
As such, the tripartite endeavours among parents, teachers and authorities have to lead nurturing the students to become qualified youths at different levels to be ready to serve the relevant age-wise duties as training. As youths are one of the national reserves, student youths have to recognize themselves as valuable youths. Moreover, this will enable them to understand their role in society and become responsible citizens who contribute positively to their nation’s development and preserve its cultural heritage.

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