Occupy market share with Myanmar’s quality seeds


The government is implementing the projects to ensure food sufficiency, supply of nutritious foods, food safety and increased income for farmers.
As such, the use of quality strains of crops and plans of high per-acre yield are crucial for operating the agricultural sector. It is necessary to carry out the systematic soil preparations, broadcasting of chemical fertilizers and natural fertilizers such as cow dung and humus for feeding nutrition to the plants.
Quality strains of crops are capable of resilience against pests, thirst, swamps and high head, benefiting the high per-acre yield of crops. If so, farmers can earn increased income for their families. Boosting the production of crops will have a chance for farmers to export surplus crops in food sufficiency to the international markets to earn income.
The government manages the smooth flow of procedures for the crops value chain starting from the production of quality seeds to the distribution, systematic storage, production of value-added products through modern technologies and exporting the products to the market.
To have a good crops value chain, local farmers need to choose the quality seeds of crops suitable for their regions and climatic conditions. Likewise, seed banks and quality seed production companies are responsible for the distribution of high-quality seeds of the crops to the farmers in the right way.
In this regard, the reliable statistics showed that 4,552 acres of farmlands in Magway, Mandalay and Sagaing regions and Nay Pyi Taw produce quality seeds of edible oil crops and pulses and beans as well as 8,048 acres of farmlands in regions and states, quality seeds of paddy last year.
As a Myanmar saying goes: “No good seed can thrive sprout”, quality seed production is a great business with investments not only for meeting local demand of seed requirements but only for exporting quality seeds to the foreign market so as to occupy the share of the international market.
As such, officials from relevant departments, experts and businesses are to join hands in unison to operate the seeds production industries for improvement of the seed sector, by focusing on the interests of the State and the local farmers.
That’s why seed production organizations and companies need to comply with the existing laws, rules and regulations related to seed production for the long-term existence of their operation and distribution of quality seeds to the growers.

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