Okra growers in Pwintbyu enjoy high price

With the abundant yield of okra in Pwintbyu township, the local growers are happy with the high price of okra in the market, according to the local farmers from Nyaung Gone village in Pwintbyu township.

The farmers from the villages near Mann creek in Pwintbyu township, Magway region, are growing okra on a commercial scale using the water irrigated from Mann creek and underground water.

The okra could heavily yield after cultivating for two months. The okra is sold for K6 per piece in the market. Now, the growers are happy with the abundant yield of okra. “We, the villagers in Pwintbyu township, are growing the vegetable crops on a commercial scale using the water irrigated from Mon creek and also the underground water. We are mainly cultivating gourd, pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, tomato, chilli, onion, corm, bitter gourd, radish, coriander plant, rosselle and water green. We are relying on cultivation because it can earn us daily income in the pandemic period. Among other crops, the cultivation of okra is successful, and the okras are sold for a high price,” said U Than Htay Aung, a vegetable grower from Nyaung Gon village.

Okra, or commonly known as lady’s finger, is a widely consumed vegetable. It can be fried, pickled or grilled. This green veggie is filled with phenol and flavonoid. Consuming okra can help people in their fight against cancer in addition to the reduction of stress, can cure kidney and liver diseases and diabetes. People with a high blood glucose level should include okra in their daily diets. —Ye Win Naing (IPRD)/GNLM

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