One of the most consumed, Nga-gyi-gan fish price higher in the market

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Nga-gyi-gan fish being sold in the market.

A saltwater fish, Nga-gyi-gan (Decapterus russelli) which has been widely consumed in domestic market has gained good price, according to fish market.

“Nga-gyi-gan price gets higher. The wholesale price was just K4000 per viss previously, but now K4500, climbed by K500. Fishing boats don’t come when Thingyan gets close. To say whether the price will fall back or not after Thingyan, it is up to the fact that fishing boats will dock back to Kyimyindine fish wholesale market,” said an official from Htet Naing Lin meat and fish trading from Hlinethaya township.

Nga-gyi-gan is one of the most consumed saltwater fishes in Myanmar. It tastes salty but being meaty and rich in Omega 3 and good for health, so it is one of highly-demanded fish for housewives.

Currently, the retail price is K6000 a viss, increased from K5000 in the previous week, according to fish shops.

“Nga-gyi-gan is among the most consumed fishes. It tastes good either cooked or fried. That is why it is highly-demanded fish. Now the price gets a little higher. It is expected to fall back after Thingyan. Some sell it at higher price than normal price. We don’t want them to do like that,” said a fishmonger from Dawbon township.

Thit Taw/ZS

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