Onion price plummets in regional markets

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The Pakokku onion market.

The Pakokku onion market received 65,000 visses of onion from various regions on 26 March and the onions from Yaw and Pale regions only cost K900 and K825 per viss respectively at the highest.
Around 100,000 visses of onion from various regions entered the Pakokku onion market from 22 to 25 March daily, causing the price drop from 25 March. Likewise, the Myingyan onion market saw massive entry of onion daily and the price ranged between K600 and K1,100 per viss, according to the market reports.
In the Myingyan market, high-grade onion fetched around K1,000-K1,100 per viss. On the other hand, the price of low-grade onion was only K600-K800 per viss. According to market reports, the prices of low-grade onion became lower due to the difficulties in long-distance transport and the approach of the Thingyan holidays.
Just as onions from all around the region entered the two large local markets, the Bayintnaung market accepted 1,206,000 visses of onion from various regions within the six opening days of this week.
On 28 March, the opening day of the Bayintnaung market in Yangon after two consecutive closing days, there may be more onions coming in than usual and the price may also drop, said an onion trader.
However, it is said that the price of onion at the end of March 2023 will still be high compared to the same period of the previous year. — TWA/CT

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