Only when the economic driving force improves will it support political and defence driving forces: Senior General

Extended cultivation of sunflower can contribute to local sufficiency of oil, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with SAC members, Union ministers, region and state chief ministers, and chairpersons of self-administered zone and division administration bodies at the SAC Chairman Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said the State Administration Council faced intentional attacks aimed at causing the collapse of the government’s administrative mechanism and banking system committed by some internal and external organizations due to different political attitudes. But the country normalizes the circulation of money in mid-2022 with concerted efforts of the government amid difficulties to avoid the collapse of the banking system.
The Senior General recounted that the State economy gradually declined since the time when Covid-19 broke out in 2020. In the 2020-21 financial year, the GDP of the State plunged to -5.9 per cent due to the weakness of management of the previous government. During the period from October to March 2021-22 FY, the country possessed 2.4 per cent of GDP, up from -5.9 per cent. Again, the GDP reached 3.4 per cent in 2022-23 FY, and further progress would be achieved in the country, according to financial officials.
In the agriculture sector, monsoon paddy is grown on 15 million acres of farmlands and summer paddy on some 3 million acres of land. A total of 13.2 million acres out of 15 million acres of monsoon paddy is placed on farmlands and the remaining cultivation is carried out on croplands and other lands. Among 13.2 acres of land, some 5 million acres of farmlands are placed under single crops. So, it is necessary to cultivate crops on these lands as double cropping in addition to bean, oil crops and other crops.
Hybrid sunflowers can yield more than 50 baskets per acre, producing some 140 visses of sunflower oil. Extended cultivation of sunflowers can contribute to the local sufficiency of oil. Hence, region and state chief ministers need to emphasize increasing the cultivation and production of oil crops.
If paddy yields increase by five more baskets per acre, a total of 13.2 million acres of paddy plantations can produce some 66 more million baskets of paddy. If so, K990 billion can be earned from paddy cultivation. Consequently, the GDP of the State will rise and the money circulation amount will increase in the nation.
In the previous year, cotton yielded 438.5 visses per acre, and it totalled 198.7 million visses of cotton. Now, the country needed 363 million visses of cotton. If the country can produce 700 visses per acre, the import volume of cotton can be reduced. Cotton growers, businesspersons and the government need to strive for the supply of quality cotton strains and the production of quality cotton wool.
With regard to the cultivation of wheat, there are 132,500 acres of wheat plantations across the nation. Myanmar people primarily consume rice. If people consume wheat as a meal a day, it can contribute to body growth. It is necessary to efficiently utilize the allotted land resources.
Only when the country has production will it develop. So, the government is encouraging domestic production without fail. As of last year, the government has been encouraging the operations of MSME businesses. Industries need to use domestic raw materials so as to implement the firm businesses.
The government imports oil and oil products worth more than US$6 billion per year. Hence, it is necessary to restrict the use of fuel. The country operates two steel mills but requires some 3 million tonnes of steel per year. It is necessary to do the manufacturing of steel from iron ore. Gold mining and timber extraction must be done under the prescribed disciplines, rules and regulations.
The Senior General pointed out that only when the economic driving force improves will it contribute to political and defence driving forces. And, it will lead to the prosperity of the State and food security which are two national visions.
The region and state chief ministers and chairmen of self-administered zone and division administration bodies reported on development undertakings in agriculture and livestock, regional development, education, health and transport sectors, tourism, use of electric vehicles, sports, disbursement of loans from State economic promotion fund to the MSME entrepreneurs, implementation of one region-one product scheme, the opening of universities and colleges.
The Union ministers and officials responded to their discussions.
The SAC Vice-Chairman Deputy Prime Minister explained the efficient use of funds and correctly paying back the loans in a set period.
In conclusion, the Senior General said that only when the people are skilful in Myanmar literature and language without fail will they have a smooth process in learning education and working. All officials need to strive for ensuring the education promotion of students. During the summer holidays, cultural courses, English and computer science courses should be conducted for student youths. Region and state chief ministers need to safely hold the traditional Thingyan festival.
Unregistered vehicles and motorcycles can reduce the revenue amount of the State. On the other hand, these vehicles are used in destructive acts, harming the rule of law and the process of peace and stability. Hence, relevant regions and states should systematically supervise the use of vehicles and motorcycles.
Capitals from the State economic promotion fund were allotted to MSME businesses for ensuring the prosperity of the majority as well as of the State, not for a single person or an organization. Officials need to systematically supervise the beautification of towns and villages and manage systematic layout plans of the towns.
After the meeting, the Senior General presented K10 billion each to Sagaing and Magway regions and K8 billion each to Bago, Mandalay, Yangon and Ayeyawady regions for the enhancement of MSME businesses through chief ministers. — MNA/TTA

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