Over 6 mln gallons of oil unloaded at Terminals of Thilawa Port

A tanker is seen unloading fuel oil at Thailand Port.

The tanker ships carrying more than six million gallons of fuel oil docked at the Terminals of Thilawa Port in the Yangon Region, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
On 25 September, the MT Yu Yi ship unloaded 4.03 million gallons of diesel- 1.86 million gallons of diesel HSD and 2.17million gallons of premium diesel PHSD while the MT Harmony One vessel 2.13 million gallons of 92 Ron.
The Supervisory Committee on Import, Storage and Distribution of Fuel Oil drew up the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on fuel import, storage and distribution and reported the fuel imports to the Foreign Exchange Supervisory Committee in September. It allowed 233,594.60 tonnes of fuel oil imports—80,499tonnes of petrol and 153,095.60tonnes of diesel.
According to the remaining amount of fuel oil at the Thilawa fuel storage tank, fuel stations and distribution rate, the country has enough stocks of fuel oil, according to the committee. The officials distribute the fuel oil to the fuel stations across the nation by oil browsers, tankers and trains in time.
There are over 2,000 fuel stations and about 70 local oil import companies in Myanmar. Before the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the global crude oil price was $91 per barrel on 24 February and it reaches about $110 now. When the global oil prices are increasing, the local prices are also on the rise, the oil trader said.
According to the global crude oil market on 27 September, the market started at $84.05 and the market price was $84.46 in trading. The price was higher by $0.40 compared to the prices on 26 September. The global crude oil price plunges to the lowest level since January and it is stable and high again due to the rising dollar exchange rate and control of the Central Bank of the United States, market analysts said. —TWA/GNLM

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