Over 8,400 acres of golden sunflowers to be planted in Yangon Region

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A sunflower plantation was seen in Taikkyi Township in 2021. Photo : Kanu

A scheme to grow more edible oil crops in regions and states is being implemented to ensure sufficiency for local consumption through domestic oil crops production in accordance with the instructions of the Prime Minister of the country. Therefore, it is estimated to grow over 8,400 acres of sunflowers in the Yangon Region.

8,465 acres of sunflower cultivation
A total of 2,686 farmers from 297 villages in 15 townships will grow the oil crops such as peanut, sesame and winter sunflower between the last week of October and the first week of November. In 2021, there were over 139 acres of sunflowers in Yangon Region and it is expected to grow up to 8,465 acres in 2022.
Yangon Region with golden sunflower plantations
“The winter sunflower will be planted across the nation and we will grow 8,465 acres in the region under the guidance of the region government. We will keep growing in the villages where beans and sesame were grown previously. The villages that started planting sunflowers this year have been earmarked for cultivation in the last week of October after harvesting the monsoon paddy. Some grow as intercropping and some grow sunflowers. We can see the golden sunflower fields in Yangon this year,” said Deputy Director Daw Hla Kyi of the Yangon Region Agriculture Department.

Peanut and sesame were grown on 3,763 acres and 5,061 acres of respectively in Yangon in 2021. The two oil crops will be planted this year as usual. The proper oil corps will be planted in the townships that grow only sunflowers and other townships that grow peanut, sesame and sunflower as intercropping depending on their soil type, and the sunflower will be harvested after 85 days of cultivation.

Local oil crops security
In 2021, the department planted 139 acres of winter sunflower in Yangon and 69 acres in Taikkyi Township. This year, most of the sunflowers will be grown in Taikkyi. It also aims to implement 8,464 acres of sunflower in Yangon Region to ensure sufficient oil crops with the target of expanding the oil crops in regions and states in 2022. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM

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