Overnight guests prohibited in monasteries in Yangon Region


It is reported that the Yangon Region Sangha Nayaka Committee has instructed in a letter dated 23 November not to accept overnight guests in the monasteries in Yangon Region.
If the overnight guests are allowed to stay, the Yangon Region Sangha Nayaka Committee has notified the Sangha Nayaka Committees in each township in writing to communicate with relevant administrative organizations, and through this, various monasteries are being informed.
Such a prohibition is due to the fact that some monasteries receive overnight visitors and there have been incidents of misdemeanours such as robberies and fights, according to relevant departments.
Therefore, in order not to cause unwanted problems, respective monasteries have been notified, according to the report.
That is why in order not to cause unwanted problems in the monasteries in townships, relevant persons in charge of the monasteries should not accept night guests without permission, and if they accept evening guests, they must contact relevant administrative organizations. —TWA/GNLM

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