Oxygen generator plant starts functioning at Kalay Sitagu Cakkhudana hospital


An oxygen generator plant at Sitagu Cakkhudana hospital in Kalay township, Sagiang region was made functional on 16 August, said U Htay Aung, member of working committee to set up the oxygen plant.
The construction of the oxygen plant project was started on 10 July 2021 and completely constructed 100 per cent on 15 August.
“We started operational on a trial basis the day before yesterday. Then, we started functioning it after a successful trail run. The plant will generate 100 40-litre oxygen cylinders per day. We are pleased that we could provide the oxygen to public when they are facing hardship. The oxygen plant was established by initial donation from Sayadaw and members of the Sangha. We still need many donation funds,” he added.
To be able to construct the oxygen generator in Sitagu hospital in Kalay, the Kalay town Sitagu hospital made an initial donation of K 60 million and other domestic and international donors also contributed. The estimated cost of the project is K2.15 billion.
“Demand of oxygen in our Kalay town is very high. Many people have died from not having access to oxygen. I don’t think this pandemic will over in short time. Due to the high demand of oxygen in town, the oxygen generator plant needs to supply 800 40-litre cylinders daily to meet demand for the whole town. That is they reason why we have constructed the oxygen plant in Kalay town,” said U Htay Aung.
Oxygen is the key to saving lives. There are people who have died because they were struggling to breathe and no oxygen was available, he added.
A working committee to set up the oxygen plant was formed under the advice of the world missionary Sitagu Sayadaw on 11 July. Those who wish to donate the fund for oxygen plant can contact the working committee in Kalay township.—Lulay/GNLM

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