Paddy gets good price in Myanmar’s rice bowl, Ayeyarwady Region

Paddy MOI

A good paddy price has helped farmers to make a profit in Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar’s rice bowl, said Ayeyarwady Region Rice Millers Association chair U Soe Win.

Last year, price of low-quality paddy was K1.2-K1.3 million for 100 baskets and increased to K2.1-K2.2million for 100 baskets this year, while high-quality paddy price has reached K3.7million this year, surged from K1.8million for 100 baskets previously, he said.

“Price of pawsan paddy has now reached K3.7 million for 100 baskets. The price of low-quality paddy was  K2.1-K2.2 million for 100 baskets weighing 50lb. Last year, the price of low-quality rice was just around K1.2-K1.3million for 100 baskets while the price of high-quality paddy was just about K1.8million for 100 baskets, but this year the price is almost double. The price gap is fairly big” he said.

He said farmers used to make tens of thousands of kyats in profit, but now they are making about K500,000 per acre.

“Previously, farmers who just gained profit about tens of thousands of kyat and almost lost money have now gained about K500,000 per acre. Farmers need to benefit in proportion that they deserve. The rising price also covers the expensive cost of fertilizer and fuel and increasing labour cost,” said U Soe Win.

The daily wage of an agricultural worker was around K3000-K4000 previously but surged to nearly K10,000 now.



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