Park official spots Popa langur recovery signals

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The Popa langur at the Popa Mountain National Park.

The Popa langur, an endangered species of monkey distinguished by its long tail, has shown signs of recovery, according to Forester Daw Khin Myo Htwe of the Popa Mountain National Park.
The monkeys are endemic to Myanmar and found chiefly in the Popa Mountain in Mandalay Region, Bago Range, and Panlong, Padalin Caves and Yathaepyan Cave in Shan State.
The forester explained: “We have two endemic monkey species in the park. The Popa langur lives mainly in the volcanic valley. At the Taung Kalat (the site on the volcanic plug), you may find rhesus monkeys. The park officials monitor the langur’s nature and habitat to keep track of their population. The volcanic valley is home to three groups of monkeys, each with more than 50 members. We noticed an increase in the number of infants each year, with a total of 250. So, it’s good news, given their endangered status.”
Officials also conduct knowledge-sharing sessions in 44 adjacent villages to conserve the biodiversity of the region.
The Popa langur primarily feeds on leaves, and their population is estimated to range from 200 to 250 individuals. This species faces significant vulnerability due to hunting pressures and habitat loss.
The Gottingen-based German Primate Centre and Fauna and Flora International have studied the genetics and morphology of the Popa langur and published their findings annually. — ASH/NT

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