Part of the life story of an amputated man

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The transitional period between birth and death is described as life. The life of the human being is formed up of various parts. None of these parts should miss. If so, life will become blank, and it will be difficult to define a perfect meaning. However, there is an unusual case where the missed part of the life is restored.

One-armed man
3:00pm, 14-4-2022
A young man in his twenties arrived at the emergency department of Yangon General Hospital. The young man, who was drenched with blood, was with his lost arm. It is called Amputated Left Forearm in medical terms. According to the doctor, he was cut by a knife and lost his left arm.

Therefore, the doctors, nurses and health workers provided first aid to Amputated Left Forearm. Then, the relevant medical field specialists were contacted and prepared for emergency operation.

The medics and health workers who are always getting ready for people arrive at the operation in a timely manner and are prepared to treat the patient. The PhD trainee for hand surgery of Yangon General Hospital, Dr Phyo Maung Maung, led the operation with the assistant doctor (Orthopaedic) Dr Maung Maung Lwin, post-graduate (Orthopaedic) medicinal trainee Dr Min Thu, Dr Hein Pyae Aung, Anesthesiologist Dr Tun Tun Naing and Staff Nurse Daw May Thura. The group tried to connect a missing part of the young man’s life. The operation started at 7:50 pm on 14 April and was completed at 1:30 am on 15 April.
Significant skills and goodwill
The operation was successful due to the noble, loving-kindness and goodwill of PhD trainees for hand surgery at Yangon General Hospital Dr Phyo Maung Maung and party regardless of who the person may be.
Moreover, the patient did exercises at the Outpatient Department of the Arthritic Centre starting on 25-4-2022 and was discharged on 29-4-2022.

The broken hand must be clean with Normal Saline or cooled boiled water in such a process. After that, it must be packed in a clean plastic bag. (if possible, wrap with a large bandage soaked in normal saline in a plastic bag). Then, put it in a plastic cooler to take to the hospital. It is best if it can take the missing hand to the specialists between 4 or 6 hours after the hand is cut off.

The Global New Light of Myanmar pays honour to PhD trainees for the hand surgery at Yangon General Hospital Dr Phyo Maung Maung and party for their best efforts in joining the missing hand, which is as essential as a part of human life.—Htun Htun/GNLM

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