PDF terrorists arrested within 24 hours after killing innocent civilians including one nurse in Mandalay Region

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Confiscated weapons, explosives, ammunition and related items.

The terrorist groups CRPH and NUG supporting NLD organized PDFs to commit murders and bomb/arson attacks on government buildings, public hospitals, schools, houses, villages, markets, government banks, private banks and departmental buildings.
On 12 December, the PDF terrorist groups shot a nurse and her husband on 62nd street, between 104th and 105th streets of Chanmyathazi Township, one ward administrator and one civilian on 113th street, between 56(A)th and 56 (B)th streets in Pyigyitagun Township and lay attendant of the monastery at 56th street, 106th and 107th streets of Aungpinle Ward of Chanmyathazi Township.
The security forces investigated to arrest the terrorist groups as quickly as possible. On 12 December evening, the police arrested one suspect who participated in the terrorist attack on 55th and 114th streets in Chanmyathazi Township and found conversation regarding plans to kill the informers and to conduct terrorist attack via social network to kill the informers in his phone.
According to the confession of the suspect, the police received information that the PDF members arrived at a two-story house built of corrugated iron sheet/bamboo matting on 42nd street between 61st and 62nd streets in Than Hlat Mhaw west Ward of Maha Aungmye Township. They raided the house and the terrorists attacked them and one security member got a gunshot wound.
Then, the security forces arrested seven terrorists dead and seized two pistols, five magazines, 19 homemade mines, 10 grenades, 67 9mm bullets, four high explosive mines, three detonators, three remote controls and other related materials.
According to the words of detainees, the police raided another two-storey house on 117th street, between 51st and 52nd streets in Pyigyitagun Township at about 11 pm and one PDF member attacked with a homemade bomb and run away. Then, the suspect was arrested dead.
Action will be taken against the arrested PDF terrorists as per the procedures. The security forces conduct security measures to ensure the safety of innocent civilians and people are urged to cooperate with the officials. — MNA

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