PDF terrorists torch homes in Thantlang Township of Chin State

Htantalan sskm

The terrorist groups – CRPH, NUG and PDF intentionally committed terrorist acts and arson attacks on the road, bridge and houses of the civilians with the aims of undermining the State stability and rule of law.
They also blew up the Tee Myint Chaung Bridge connecting Haka and Thantlang of Chin State on 21 October to destroy the transportation system and socioeconomic status of the people.
Moreover, on 29 October, 5 PDF members exploded three homemade bombs and shot the security members who were serving duties near the junction of No (1) Ward of Thantlang Township at about 11:45 am. After the clash, the terrorists left to the northeast at about 11:50 am. The security members followed them to arrest. Meanwhile, the terrorists set fire to the houses and things near the football stadium in No (1) Ward and retreated.
Although the security forces tried to put out the fire, they could only do security measures as the terrorists shot hiding in the houses. The security forces inspected the township yesterday and found 2 churches and about 70 homes were burned down.
The terrorist group NUG declared to open rebellion against the government in the country on 7 September. They also committed terrorist attacks in some areas of Chin State and the Sagaing Region and spread propaganda online that the country is lacking stability. The security forces are still conducting the necessary security measures to ensure stability and the rule of law. —MNA

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