Pearl production reaches 128 per cent at 12 camps

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Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation U Khin Maung Yi arrived at the Done Paleaw Pearl Farm in Kyunsu Township in Taninthayi Region yesterday morning, and officials explained the working conditions.
Upon the explanation, the Union Minister said the Myanmar Pearl Enterprise is engaged in pearl farming with 12 camps and the production rate was 128 per cent in the fiscal year 2020-2021. It also created job opportunities for local people.
He highlighted the need to continue the local development projects, to try to get more market in the international market as there are people who like pearls depending on the quality and size. As it is very important to obtain good quality pieces of pearl in the farming process, it is necessary for the enterprise and the company to cooperate more and follow the rules and regulations according to the process, he said.
He also stressed the need to carry out to further develop the mother-of-pearl finishing industry which uses the by-products of pearl farming, the oyster shell, and the need to pay attention to environmental conservation, as only good biodiversity and marine ecosystems can help successful oyster farming.
Afterwards, the Union Minister provided 20 set of solar panels to the local people in two Salone villages near Done Paleaw Island, and inspected the pearl farming processes near the island.
In the afternoon, the Union Minister inspected the oyster farming with the use of Surface Long Line System in Natthamee Yedwin Island and Pyinsabu Island in Kyunsu Township.
Afterwards, he attended to the need of pearl production process in Domel Island in Bokpyin Township, and inspected the oyster farming using the Surface Long Line System in Zinyaw Island.—MNA

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