People beat extreme heat in Mandalay main canal

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Due to the sharp rise in temperature these days, more and more people are coming to the Mandalay main canal in order to seek shade under big trees along the canal and swim in it every day.
According to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, the daytime temperature in Mandalay is currently rising to 40 degrees Celsius. It makes the residents in and around Mandalay, with their family members or friends, choose cool places to beat the heat.
The Mandalay main canal is about half an hour drive from Mandalay, and people have come to the canal due to its shady trees and cool water.
“Since the weather is too hot, although young people can bear it, not so well for children and the elderly. It is not healthy to be in an air-conditioned room all day long. Therefore, we have come to this canal as it is not so far, and it won’t cost, too. Sometimes we go to Yay Kyi village and sometimes to Kyaukmee village,” said U Raju, who has come to the canal from Chanayethazan township.
The canal starts from Hsedawgyi Dam in Madaya Township. It supplies water to farmlands, flowing from north to south in Patheingyi Township. Due to its old big shady trees, the number of people who come to avoid the heat is reportedly increasing. They rest in Yay Kyi village, Ai Gyi village, Lethit village and Kyaukmee village situated along the canal. – Min Htet Aung/GNLM

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