People urged to actively work together against recurrence of terrorist acts to religious entities

CRPH and NUG terrorist groups have been targeting acts of violence in some areas since they announced the launch of terrorist acts in Myanmar on 7 September. They have been perpetrating violent arrests, tortures and killings of monks as a political weapon in addition to the disruption of roads, communications and health issues of local people.
As a result of these terrorist acts, a total of 14 monks have been killed to date, and monasteries in some areas have been burnt down. Moreover, Presiding Abbot of the Lonpi Sasana Rekkhita Pariyatti Missionary Monastery Chair of the Township Sangha Nayaka Committee Bhaddanta Nyanika and Deputy Staff Officer U Chit San of the Falam Township Youth Training School were abducted by PDF terrorists on the way back to the monastery on 6 December. The monk reportedly arrived back at the monastery; however, the deputy staff officer is still missing due to the arrest of the terrorists.
Similarly, on 7 December, PDF terrorists attacked the vehicle carrying four monks and one lay attendant from the Lumbini Monastery in Tamu, Chin State, on their way back to the monastery from a donation ceremony in Hleseik village at around 2 pm. It is also reported that terrorists also set fire on Hilly Missionary Sayadaw Bhaddanta Pinnajota, who was residing in Mindat Township, Chin State, in a car on the evening of 12 June.
It is important to note that despite the freedom of expression and the right to political dissent in every country in the world, such acts of violence against religion are not committed in any country, nor should be tolerated. It is reported that any organization in Myanmar that repeats any acts of terrorism against religion, including threatening, arrests and killings related to religious matters, are strongly warned, and the people are urged to cooperate with security forces in order to prevent any recurrence of such acts of violence against religion. — MNA

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